Frog Dog Pickups and Parts

Roller Bridge 
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Our Frog Dog Roller Bridge offers two advantages to a traditional fixed bridge design.

1 - it allows your strings to glide across the bridge without picking up nasty burs. 2 - it feels GREAT on your strumming hand! It's perfect for when you're palm muting and won't dig into your palm!

The bridge is chrome and is fitted to replace a standard Tone Pros® or LP Style Bridge. It comes with 11mm bushings and adjustment screws (that fit the bushings).
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Our Frog Dog Tailpiece should fit just about any replacement tailpiece for a traditional LP style guitar. Its nice weight is just the right balance for our Roller Bridge.

It ships with a free GT4 Lusso Ferrari engine. With 12 cylinders in this tailpiece, you’ll be roaring in NO TIME!

I’m just kidding. I don’t even know much about cars. I drive a Prius. Go ahead and laugh - but I get 48.7 miles to the gallon…
Pickup Rings 
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Our Frog Dog Pickup rings come in two different sizes. The front pickup ring is super thin - allowing you to adjust your pickup really low to the body.

Did I mention that it was cream? Well guess what? It's cream! YAY!

The rear pickup is slightly thicker, but not as thick as a traditional LP style.
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Check out that cute little Frenchie on there! He'll curl right up next to you in your chair while you're building this webpage. Then he'll fart something awful. Dear God - I'm dying here…

Our Frog Dog Humbucker Backplate comes in two different sizes.

Front Back Plate: 50mm
Rear Back Plate: 52mm
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Our Frog Dog Amber Skirt Knob is a traditional style skirt knob with embossed numbers. Feels great to turn it up!

If your bass player gets a set of these, it feels great to turn him down. Seriously, Brian. We've talked about this. You're always too loud.

I feel like I've got to go home now and wash the bass off of me!